First Look: Stills from Paul King’s Bunny and the Bull

Easy, Britcom fanboys… this isn’t a shot from series 4 of The Mighty Boosh. By the way, when IS series 4 coming?

Fans of British Comedy should recognize Paul King as the director of The Mighty Boosh, one of the most unabashedly weird, inventive and hilarious series to come out of old Blighty in quite some time. Now King is stepping up to the big screen with his feature debut Bunny and the Bull, which is intriguingly described as “a comedy road movie set entirely in a flat.” The film stars Simon Farnaby (aka “Harold Boom” from the Boosh) and Edward Hogg, but features cameos from Boosh stars Noel Fielding (pictured above) and Julian Barratt as well as the ubiquitous Richard Ayoade. Quiet Earth has the full set of stills over here, and while there’s no official UK release date yet, you can look for the film to play in US theaters starting, uh… actually, you should probably just get yourself a region-free DVD player.


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