Bellyache: JCVD UK DVD Cover

WARNING: Explosions do not appear in actual film.

The boys over at Twitch are understandably upset about the cover image used to sell the UK-region DVD of Mabrouk El Mechri’s film JCVD. Yes, it does indeed star the Muscles From Brussels, but as you may have heard it’s actually a pretty dramatic film in which Van Damme plays a meta version of himself: an aging action star with a history of drugs and a broken family, low on cash and making sub-par action movies for anyone willing to finance them. Even the bank robbery “Van Damme” walks in on is devoid of action movie tropes and serves to point up the differences in the man’s public and private personae. So it’s incredibly disappointing (if not completely unsurprising) that some genius has cobbled together a Photoshop collage which makes this film indistinguishable from the dreck Van Damme has been pumping directly to DVD for the past few years. Granted, he may be back to making crappy movies again in no time (he’s currently shooting another Universal Soldier movie with Academy Award winner Dolph Lundgren), but I mean, “2-disc double Van Dammage”? That’s just embarrassing…


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