Trailer: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

There are two kinds of film fans in the world: those who think the phrase “Dr. Who meets Shaun of the Dead” sounds like a genius logline for a film and those who don’t. I fall well within the former category, and if you’re still reading I’m guessing you do too. Above is the trailer for the new British sci-fi comedy Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, which looks like it mixes elements of both of those two films, along with the speculative physics of Back to the Future, the Bill & Ted’s films, and possibly the ‘Lost In Time’ episode of Sealab 2021 thrown in for good measure. FAQATT centers around three geeky friends who are getting ‘faced in their local pub when they discover a rift in the space-time continuum… in the loo. They then have to jump back and forth between the present and a dystopian future while avoiding multiple versions of themselves to set things right. The film stars Irish comic Chris O’Dowd from Graham Linehan’s geek-centric Britcom The IT Crowd alongside Anna Faris as a hottie from the future. Wait…Anna Faris? Well yes, because “Turns out everybody in the future…American.” The film opens in the UK on April 24, but no word yet on an American release.

[Via Quiet Earth.]


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