This Just In: Shinjuku Incident Won’t Screen in Mainland China

The New York Times has picked up on reports of director Derek Yee’s refusal to trim scenes of violence in his latest film Shinjuku Incident, thus ensuring it won’t screen in the highly lucrative mainland Chinese market. The film, a dark tale of Chinese refugees dealing with the Yakuza in Japan, stars Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu among others, and supposedly marks Chan’s first non-martial arts/stunt-driven role in his modern career. Yee said he did attempt to cut the offending scenes (including stabbings and the amputation of a hand), but when he screened the truncated version for the film’s producers they simply felt it was “incomplete.” Chan, who is of course a huge draw in the mainland and is also a financial backer on the film, agreed with the director’s decision. Kudos to Yee for not rolling over for the sake of profit, though it will be interesting to see how this plays out both for the success of this film as well as for future releases with violent, political or otherwise controversial content. At any rate, I’m sure mainland sales of Shinjuku bootlegs will be huge.


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