This Just In: R.I.P. Variety Asia?

Hello Darth Kitty agrees that this Friday is definitely not Fun-day.

You heard it here first second third. Twitch has reported that Variety has laid off both Patrik Frater and Marcus Lim, (the editor-in-chief and web editor, respectively) of Variety Asia, which means Grady Hendrix’s essential Asian cinema blog Kaiju Shakedown will be shuttered as well. Thanks to reports like this one over at Nikki Finke’s blog, combined with the fact that Grady hadn’t posted anything in the earlier part of this week, I had a bad feeling this was coming. I’ve been reading Grady’s blog (in various incarnations) for years now, and his perfect combination of breaking news from abroad, insightful commentary on the industry, and scalding snark has been a constant source of joy. I would say it will be sorely missed, but then again Kaiju Shakedown has disappeared before only to rise, phoenix-like from the ashes, so I’m not counting it out just yet.


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